Student Feedback Spring 2019

I'm glad my students enjoyed the class. I enjoyed teaching them.
  • It was obvious to the whole class that Professor Chen wanted his students to succeed and he did that by having open discussions about the material. I really enjoyed his class and it challenged me to think differently than I had in any other class.
  • Hands down one of the best professors I've had so far in SLU. He was very easy to follow and his curriculum was very logical and understandable. I was actually kind of sad that he wouldn't be teaching anymore after this semester. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who is looking to any philosophy class if he stayed at SLU. He was that good.
  • I had so much fun in this class. It was my favorite class this semester and I enjoyed every single class. You created a wonderful learning environment and were able to help each student. Additionally, there was minimal homework which was nice but everything we did, you were always willing to answer our questions and help us out. Overall, loved the class and thank you for everything!
  • Jason is great at facilitating class discussions and makes classes more entertaining by his way of involving students.
  • Jason was a great professor. He was very knowledgeable, yet humble with what he wasn't sure about. He was also very open to all viewpoints in a discussion, treated each argument as legitimate, and always taught the content as a dialogue instead of trying to persuade students of a correct way to understand ethics.
  • I enjoyed the style and discussion focus of the class. Professor Chen was definitely passionate about ethics and enjoyed getting his students to think in a new and deeper way.
  • Enthusiastic about what he is teaching, but sometimes forgets to remember that we are just now learning the material, we are not experts like him. He graded pretty tough, and when the class is only 100 points total with very minimal assignments, that makes it a little harder to enjoy the class. Take it easy on the grading.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Professor Chen taught an excellent course and made it easy to understand. I especially enjoyed the hypotheticals, as they were thought–provoking and made me question my morals in certain scenarios.
  • Loved prof Chen! He was super excited and passionate about the materials. He loved our new ideas and kept us talking about really tough subjects that were interesting to talk through!