Teaching Evaluations

I find teaching to be an admirable and fulfilling profession. And it makes it that much more rewarding when I read comments like these:
  • I have never had a professor who was as responsive to students via email then Jason. He was always willing to help and always open and honest. I wish there were more opportunities throughout the course though because one bad assignment could really dig you into a hole. 
  • You were an awesome, engaging professor who I felt that i could learn a lot from. You remained neutral throughout conversations but always challenged us to think more. Awesome job :) 
  • Jason is a great person and I would love to have him as my teacher again. I enjoyed Jason's ethusiasum of the material, I just wish he would have stated an opinion more than on one topic. 
  • Jason was mostly concerned with engaging us and getting us to think critically and grow as students and individuals rather than doing work for a grade, and I think that is very noteworthy for a professor. He created an environment that allowed students to feel comfortable participating, and he was definitely my favorite professor this semester, and I would recommend him as a professor to anyone looking to take an Ethics class. 
  • Jason was always excited to teach us, and brought a lot of interesting and thought–provoking issues to each class. I feel more confident in my argumentative skills after taking his class, and I feel better defending my ethical opinions and decisions now. Definitely keep the hypotheticals at the beginning of each class, it kept me interested and wanting to be present each class. I would maybe take just a little more time each class to review the vocab and topics from the previous class, though. I often forgot the theory names and what they argued after we talked about them. 
  • It was a really fun class and I learned a lot about ethics. 
  • Professor Chen was a great professor. He did an excellent job of mediating class discussions. Also, he remained unbiased in all of our discussions which I greatly appreciated, and I am sure other students did as well. 
  • Jason is a good teacher of philosophy and I have nothing negative to say about him. It might have been nicer if he made more of an effort to learn/use our names in class, but otherwise I think he has a promising future teaching philosophy and I'm glad to have had him this semester. His knowledge of pop culture is alarmingly absent. 
  • professor chen was one of my favorite professors i've had at slu. i learned so much about how to think critically and think about the world from him.

Blues Song

Yesterday was the first time that I wrote lyrics to a blues song. I thought it was fitting that it was New Year's Eve and that the song is about death.

Everyday I get older
One step closer
To that eternal slumber

What about the things I’ve said
The things I regret
And the things I never dreamt

My hairline recedes every morning
Wrinkles when I smile

What will be the last thing I see?
Will it be an empty room?
I don’t want to go alone

Will I be remembered?
Will all my work be done?
Or will there be more?

I know I gotta go one day
Because everyone’s got to go
But I want to stay, want to stay