On Curiosity and the Attempts to Satisfy it

There seems to be a fundamental drive in human beings to explore new territories in all of its forms and push the frontiers of knowledge ever farther away from the origin of ignorance. We started with walking on our feet to see what was beyond a hill, and then built ships to cross vast bodies of water. After, when we were curious to see what was above and below us, we took to the skies, and dove deep into the oceans. And now we are beginning our journey to explore the stars. Though our curiosity may have simply been a product of evolution, it has become so much more than a means of survival. Indeed, it has become a source of human excellence.

None of the achievements that we have accomplished, however, and none of the milestones that we have reached, would have been possible without our scientific endeavors. And this is not only to highlight the work of geniuses but also the work of countless individuals who contributed, and who continue to contribute, to the expansion of knowledge. The effort of the human mind is an unstoppable force that has broken many previously-deemed boundaries. Who knows what limit we shall breach next?

Both curiosity and the attempts to satisfy it bind human beings together through space and time. The desire to know the unknown is an immaterial chain that links together the past, the present, and the future. People who look up at the universe now are seeing some of the same stars that were seen by people who lived millennia ago. And some of those same stars will be gazed upon by people who will live millennia from now. Our wonder connects us no matter how different we are from our ancestors, and no matter how different we will be from our descendants. The same can be said about our attempts to expand our knowledge, for everything that we have discovered today was only made possible by the work of previous generations, and every discovery that will be made in the future will require the foundations that are being laid down now. Our attempts to unlock the mysteries of the universe are a part of a common, poetic heritage.

Thus, with every frontier that we explore, we bring with us the curiosity and the work of our forebears. The flag of human history hangs high on every ship and plane that we have ever built and will build. And one day, when our children look back at Earth while standing on the shores of another world, they will reflect on our humble beginnings, and dream of tomorrow.