Life in December

My life has been pretty routine since I've been back. I wake up everyday at 9 am and spend the next few hours in front of my laptop reading emails and watching the news. At around 12:30, I head over to the hospital where I eat lunch at the cafeteria, and after that I spend the rest of the afternoon sitting next to my grandma.

When I first go in the room I say hi and tell her that I'm here. She can see well enough to recognize that it's me, but I ask sometimes anyway just to check. I then put my stuff down and proceed with my massage routine. It's about this time when she wants to communicate with me, but since she's still dependent on the ventilator, I just try to guess what she's trying to say.

Her condition seems to be quite stable for now. The hospital is in the process of weaning her off of the machine and it's been going smoothly. However, even if she can regain her capacity to breathe, it's no guarantee that she can ever come home because she's suffering from other problems. I know I should be positive, but it's impossible for me to keep the sad thoughts out.

Tomorrow, the doctors are going to pull out the feeding tube from her nose and insert it directly into her stomach, which means another minor surgery.

On a completely different note, I've been studying for the GRE. I spend a few hours a day (at the hospital) mainly relearning math and doing the exercises. I've been having the most trouble with data analysis; I actually don't remember learning it before. Anyways, the last day I can take the test is in March, which means I only have a few months to prepare. I bought four GRE books in total, two specifically on math, and I plan to bring all of them back with me to York.