All Hope is Not Lost

They tried pulling my grandma off the machine yesterday, but it didn't work. She was fine for about 5 to 10 minutes, but then she started to get short on breath so they had to put the tube back in. Because she has failed to breathe on her own the past couple of weeks, the doctor recommends that she get a trach either today or tomorrow. I really wish we could have avoided this. Even though it's only a minor surgery, it's still risky because she's old.

On a positive note, the trach provides her with many advantages. For one, she'll be able to speak. Supposedly there's something called a one way valve which only allows air in. So being able to communicate with her would be a huge plus. Another advantage is she would be able to eat solid foods which means they can probably take out the other tube up her nose. Not having another tube means more comfort and more movement.

Knowing these advantages and keeping in mind that she can still recover makes me feel a bit better about the trach. I'm trying to keep myself positive.