Update in York

I have been in York now for well over a month and so far it has been great. Within a few days of my arrival I met a really nice group of international students and later during the month I made another group of friends through the politics department. In total, I have been hanging out with friends at least three times a week. I do not think I have ever been so social in my entire life. Sometimes I cannot hang out with one group of friends because I already had plans to hang out with the other. This is very strange for me.

Another new experience that I am having here is doing yoga. So far it has been a bit painful, but not too difficult. I am hoping that I will notice improvement in the next couple of months.

Besides having an amazing social life (and a sore body), my academic life has also been going well. Although I only have two seminars and one voluntary lecture per week, there is definitely enough reading to do. Plus, I feel like I am learning a lot so I am satisfied with the program. Regarding the discussions in class, they are more or less interesting, but they tend to simultaneously flow in multiple directions so sometimes I get extremely tired. This, however, has not negatively affected my love for academia one bit. In fact, I am now convinced that getting a PhD is my best option for the near future.

I should say some words about the city itself. York is a nice, little, historical town that was founded by the Romans thousands of years ago. It still has its ancient city wall which I think is very cool. Parts of the city have narrow, cobblestone roads similar to the ones I saw in Goettingen. Generally speaking, York has a very European feel to it.