Letter to Occupy Wall Street

To my brothers and sisters at Occupy Wall Street and all over the world,

Everyday I am filled with more enthusiasm as I see our movement grow larger. I never thought OWS could mature into a world-wide phenomenon that would capture the attention of so many. We have made our voices heard and we cannot be ignored.

Besides expressing my support for the movement, I would like to address the question of whether or not it would be best for our cause if we stated specific demands. Regarding this topic, I do think it would be better for the effectiveness of the movement if we had our wants clearly stated. This does not mean we would need to have specific policies written out, but rather general statements that could attain wide support.

We must keep in mind that whether or not we officially say what our demands are, our message is spreading, though sometimes incorrectly. This misconception of what we want prevents many to support our cause. We can fix this. Once our demands are clear, more of our brothers and sisters will join us. And I believe that if the movement is to survive the Winter, we will need that support.

To that end, I suggest we state our platform as the following:

We the people, the 99% who have been suffering from social, economic and political injustice, demand the weakening of the power of concentrated wealth.

The above statement provides us with not only a simple platform that can attain wide approval, but also a comprehensive one that allows us flexibility of application. For example, the power of concentrated wealth could be weakened through campaign finance reform or by removing corporate personhood. Whatever we decide to do in the future, the above platform seems to allow us that scope.

The way I came up with the above statement was by analyzing the grievances listed in the Declaration of the Occupation of New York City. I concluded that the source of most of the injustices that we as a people have been suffering from was the influence of concentrated wealth.

I hope that all of you have found my letter at least a little bit constructive and I wish all of us the best of luck.

Power to the people!