No More Pizza Store

As of today, my father no longer owns the pizza store and officially enters into retirement.

I am trying to imagine how he feels about this whole event. This shift from working life into retirement life must be one of the most significant transformations he has experienced. His life has been completely altered. He used to spend all day at the pizza store, from 10 am to 10 pm. That was his life. I rarely saw my father because of it. Now, that activity that occupied 80% of his waking life is gone. This worries me a bit because my father is not a person who has many hobbies or interests. I sincerely hope that he finds something productive to do with his newly gained freedom.

In my opinion, I am glad that he is retiring. He has worked far too much in his life; he deserves to relax now. Did you know that he owned the pizza store for as long as I have been alive? Truly a great accomplishment.