San Francisco Update

It has been 2 weeks since I have moved to San Francisco. My life has finally started to become somewhat routine. I found a room in a Victorian style apartment in the hippie area of SF called Haight Ashbury which is luckily filled with all sorts of shops and restaurants. I live just around the corner of the main street right next to a post office and a free clinic. Needless to say, it is very noisy. I actually have to sleep with earplugs again. Located near me is a Whole Foods, a huge park and a cafe called Coffee to the People which has an entire wall covered with leftest bumper stickers. I feel at home with my hippie brethren.

My work has been extremely interesting so far. We have been spending most of our time conceptualizing what will be on the Institute's website and how we will create an international, interactive cradle to cradle community. I am happy to say that we have made a lot of progress so far; I cannot wait until everything is up and running. As to the office itself, it is located near the Financial District in a well-lit 9 story building. We are sharing the office with McDonough's architecture firm so it is really nice seeing all the designs of past projects they have done. I am very happy with my situation right now.

Another piece of good news is that I have already been accepted to the graduate program at Durham. I did not expect them to respond so quickly; I doubt the other universities have even read my application yet. Although this is good news, it places me in a somewhat uneasy position. I have not decided yet if I will stay or go back to school because of a number of factors. I told my employers that if I felt it was more important for me to stay, then I would, but it will be hard for me to see how my job develops before I need to respond to Durham.

What I have going for me now would have been unimaginable half a year ago. I remember at that time, I could not find a good job in DC and therefore had to move back to LA. Now, I am in such a privileged position that my biggest dilemma is choosing between two extremely good opportunities. I cannot express enough how fortunate I am to be here in SF pursuing my dream. Hopefully, there will not be a tragic event to balance out these recent good events.