Cradle to Cradle and San Francisco

I got a job working for the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute and I am moving to San Francisco this coming Wednesday. I cannot believe this is really happening but I am not ecstatic at the same time. I think this is because so much has happened between the time I got in contact with them and the time I got the job.

It felt like only yesterday when I went to that c2c event in Burbank. The guest speaker was a woman who knew the president of the C2CPII. After she spoke, I asked her if she would be willing to forward my resume to the president and she agreed. At first, I did not have very high hopes that she would actually forward it, but she did. I also was not expecting the president to get in contact with me, but I was wrong again. The president wrote me an email and we started talking. To my surprise, that whole process went very smoothly.

And from there it progressed. They told me what their plan was and I wrote them a proposal offering to manage their web content to which they eventually agreed. I have been in contact with their web designers and we are already hard at work making the new website. The institute sent me the work contract a couple of days ago and I already signed it and faxed it back. Hence, I am now officially employed.

I have to say that this entire process was relatively quick and I was extremely nervous the whole time. I was playing worst case scenarios in my mind over and over. Maybe at the end they would realize that they did not actually need my help or something like that. It was really difficult doing anything else except think about this job opportunity. And at the same time I was applying for graduate school so my mind was too occupied to read political theory.

Speaking of graduate school, I finally finished applying to 8 British universities. Now all I have to do is wait for a response. I should find out in about 2 months and by that time, I will have a good idea of how my job is going. I told my employers that my decision to go back to school is not set in stone and that if I felt like it was more important for me to stay that I would. So we will see how that goes.

All of these recent events have again made me reflect on how I live my life. Am I living my life in the best way I can? Am I abiding by my principles? Am I achieving what I want? After asking these questions, I have concluded that I am very satisfied with how I have lived my life up to this point. I do not want to say that I am happy with my life because I have not actually done anything to better the world, so I will leave off that question for another time.

The next stage of my life awaits me.