The Power of Situations

Lately, I have been pondering about how much control we have over our futures, how much personal will matters in a life full of different restrictions. I previously thought that people had more control over where they went and what they ended up doing, but now I realize that that was false. What sparked this understanding was a conversation I had with my dad (one of the very few) about the reasons he chose to live in Cerritos.

I thought that he must have had some sort of reasoning, some specific goal to live in Cerritos, or else why would he have decided to live in such a random, boring suburb? But in fact, it was simply a result of circumstance. It turns out that one of his co-workers at the time had just recently bought a house in Cerritos and my parents went to check it out. While they were there, they decided to drive around to look for houses. They found a house for sale, walked inside and realized that the real estate agent for that house was one of my dad's friends. After that, they struck a deal and bought the house.

We like to think that we have control over our futures. We comfort ourselves by believing we know what we will do and where we will be, but all of this is just an illusion. We can effect our futures to a certain extent, but now I believe situational forces are predominant most of the time.

What an interesting blog post for New Years Eve!