I apologize for not continuing my introductions in a orderly fashion; random things have distracted me from finishing this project, but since my mind is currently more at peace, I would like to introduce Steve.

I should say that Steve was not originally my friend; he started out as Joseph's friend and he was closer with Joseph than he was with me for much of our childhood. He for the most part, as well as my other close friends, was also absent from my school life. He did attend the same schools as I did, but during high school, the time when we became closer, he was transferred to another high school because of his poor performance.

Steve was one of those genius high school dropout types that did not really care much about anything, but he did eventually change when he got into university. He recently scored very high on the LSAT which reflects his intelligence and makes me curious to know how much more intelligent he would be if he had applied himself earlier on in his life.

He is the most intelligent person that I know and unlike my intelligence which was all trained, I feel his intelligence was more of a gift. I remember even when we were little, Steve and Joseph would have very deep conversations that I would not be able to follow.

And now, because my intelligence has caught up with theirs, I relish the time we spend together; every moment is a learning experience with them. I am not sure what his plans are for the future, but I am sure that he will be successful in whatever he chooses to do.

This concludes my series of introductions.