Reflections on Previous Year

Every year during the time which shortly precedes my birthday, I reflect on the accomplishments that I have achieved the previous 12 months. And upon reflection, I come to the realization that I have not done anything great this previous year. This is, however, not out of the ordinary as I am always disappointed at myself for not being as productive as I should have been. But then again, I assumed and still assume that my productivity would increase every year due to becoming wiser and connecting with more people. This, I feel, has not happened to the extent that I expected it to.

Having said that, this previous year has not been without its promising events. It was about a year and a half ago when I started to do research on cradle to cradle and since then, have learned so much about the environment. I feel as if I had studied a completely different major while not forgetting all the lessons that political theory has taught me.

Six months ago, I started my short-lived-but-nevertheless-critical project, Cradle to Consumer. I say critical because it was this project that attracted MBDC to notice me. And even though my idea was quite novel, for some reason, I felt the project did not have a bright future and so I ended it. Instead, I decided to start an online magazine about c2c which I still maintain today and has turned out to be much more fruitful. I receive more Facebook fans every week and even though I still have not broken my goal of 100 visitors per day yet, I should be able to attain that number within 2 months.

The uniqueness of my site has gained much attention, both from c2c fans and from MBDC. It was because of this 2nd project that I had the opportunity to talk with one of the project managers over the phone. That event, consequently, gave me the opportunity to meet another project manager in person, which ultimately led to my job interview with them today. At their request, I will not be recording the details of the job process, so this will be the last mention of it.

If I do get this position, it will be around the same time as my birthday which would be very symbolic seeing how I have journeyed the past year and a half to this point. It would be nice to say that I attained something great on my 25th birthday, that I entered my next stage of life after having lived a quarter of a century. If I do get this job, it would mean that my last year would have been a year well lived.