C2C Job Application

Dear MBDC,

First of all, I should say that working for you is my dream job, I cannot imagine anywhere else I would rather work. However, before I get into the details, allow me to give you some background as to how I became familiar with cradle to cradle.

I was first introduced to the idea by watching a TED talk given by William McDonough. The talk was so interesting that it led me to start researching the design philosophy and its practical applications. And through my research, I came across a city called Venlo in the Netherlands that wanted to implement C2C. I was in Germany at the time so I decided to visit Venlo and some of the key players in the movement.

After my visit, I started a project called Cradle to Consumer which was a series of videos in which I introduced C2C certified products. I have since then discontinued this project because I did not think it was going anywhere. On a lighter note, I decided to start another project called The Cradle to Cradle Portal which is a website that contains all C2C related news.

I would like to mention that I did all of this research out of pure passion. I did not at anytime receive money for my efforts to contribute. In fact, I have personally invested money into my pursuit of contributing to C2C. Furthermore, I have spent countless hours pondering about how I could get into the movement because I truly believe in its cause. In my opinion, it is the ultimate green philosophy because of its focus on being good rather than less bad. The only alternative would be primitivism which I do not support.

Again, my research and independent projects were done out of pure passion in my free time. In my official work time, I have had multiple internships that were related to C2C. For example, I currently have an internship with the Responsible Purchasing Network which is a non-profit that helps states and municipal agencies purchase green. We publish purchasing guides on specific product types and provide webinars on green product developments. I have helped edit two charts on green purchasing: one on how it can attain STARS points and one on how it can attain LEED points. Both of these charts will be published soon. Furthermore, my current project with RPN is to write a report and publish another chart on eco-labels.

Another one of my internships was with a green consultant. Our goal was to not focus on products, but rather operations. We had our own checklist and rating system by which we measured a company's sustainability. On my first day of work, we went to a company that manufactured and sold compression hosiery. Our scorecard analysis took us from room to room and was very comprehensive.

Through these two internships, I have learned about both green products and green operations which I think is essential at MBDC.

I want to stress that my understanding of and experience with the environmental field is comprehensive. For example, one of my former internships required me to research and analyze environmental policy. And recently, I have just finished taking LEED Green Associate classes and will be taking the test within the next month.

In summary, I have a good understanding of cradle to cradle, green products, green operations, green policy and green buildings.

Due to the above experiences, I honestly believe that there is no one else better suited for this job than I am. Other people might have more professional experience, but they are in no comparison with me when it comes to passion.

Jason Chen