Book and Grad School

My internships are supposed to end this month, but I do not have concrete plans on what to do afterwards. The two obvious possibilities that present themselves are finding another job here in DC or going back home.

Ideally, I would find a paying job in the environmental field in DC so I would not have to relocate.  Actually, I have recently applied to a job here with the National League of Cities which is a non-profit that represents the municipalities of America. The position would require me to research and write about best sustainability practices that different cities have implemented. The position is paid and includes reimbursement of basic health care coverage. For me in my current state, I do not believe that I could possibly find a better opportunity as this which, of course, makes me doubt that I will actually attain this position.

If that opportunity falls through, then I have the option of going back to LA and finding some mundane job so that I could save up money. This is not entirely negative however;  being at home has a couple of  advantages. For example, I would have home cooked meals every day which would free up my time to maybe start a new project.

Speaking of a new project, recently, I have been entertaining the idea of writing a book about how to be a tyrant. I have always been fascinated by this topic and I thought that it would be beneficial to develop my study of it. To be clear, the purpose of this book is not to create modern day tyrants, on the contrary, it is to enlighten the common man of the rules of oppression so that he is more readily prepared to fight against them. I think this book would provide an interesting perspective into the discourse of power and control. Instead of writing about how people can be freed, I will write about how they can be enslaved.

Another idea that I am entertaining right now is going back to school to attain my Masters degree. There are two schools in Germany that I would apply to next year if I decide to follow through. Not very many, I am aware, but it is better to study something you enjoy than not. The reason why I choose Germany over America is because one, I like the country, and two, the cost of education is significantly lower. I find the tuition fees here in America to be utterly ridiculous and unacceptable. There would be no way for me to pay for the costs without accumulating debt and I REFUSE to accumulate debt! There is not much worse than having one's limbs bounded by the shackles of monetary necessity. I have already decided to dedicate my life to the improvement of mankind and seeing how difficult it is to be wealthy while undertaking this cause makes me believe that I would live forever in debt if I were to study here.