My Story

First, I should say that I've wanted to save the world ever since high school. But unlike now, at that time, I didn't know how I wanted to do it, I just knew I wanted to make a difference. I decided to major in politics to see where that would take me, but eventually I decided I didn't want to pursue it. I don't regret choosing that major however, as it taught me many enlightening things. In fact, it was responsible for much of my intellectual growth.

Towards the end of my study, I started to get interested in the environment because I decided that it was the basic necessity for mankind's existence, the bottom of Maslov's hierarchy of needs if you will. But what field in environmentalism I didn't know at the time so I started to read about a variety of green topics including food, energy and policy. Every field I learned about was very interesting and the more I learned, the more it became clear to me that this is what I wanted to do.

Then one day, I watched a TED talk given by William McDonough on Cradle to Cradle design which blew me away. To be honest, I didn't think too much about it at first, I just thought it was a cool idea. It wasn't until I started thinking more about environmentalism that I realized how important the c2c philosophy was. Currently, I believe it is the best green philosophy due to it's focus on being good and not less bad.

Having decided to focus on c2c, I started to learn everything I could about it. I watched every video and read every article. Through my research I learned of a city called Venlo in the Netherlands and how this little town was trying to implement c2c. After some thought, I decided to take a leap and contact the people who were some of the key players in the movement there. And to my surprise, one of them actually responded and invited me to meet him in Venlo.

Naturally I was very excited about this invitation, but I thought to myself that it would be crazy if I actually went there even though I was in Germany at the time looking for a job. But after careful consideration, I concluded that I had to go because a life spent not chasing after your dream is not one worth living.

Overall, the trip was interesting but less than ideal. I was hoping that I could find a way to contribute to the movement, but the only advice that I received when I was there was to become an entrepreneur. Hearing that advice dampened my spirit because I am anything but a businessman - I'm not a person who cares much for money. And so, I left Venlo contemplating again what I should do with my life. The thought of not pursuing c2c looped in my mind over and over.

I spent countless hours trying to figure out how I could help and eventually came up with Cradle to Consumer. I have no idea where this project will take me, but I will continue to develop it as long as possible.

This project is a manifestation of my dream to save the world.