Silver Lining

My draining search for paid employment has finally come to an end; I have recently been hired to teach English at Lado International College. I went to check out the school yesterday and it was smaller than the previous school where I worked at, but it seemed like a comfortable place to teach. Unlike my previous students, my new students are going to be mostly Latino so I think it will be an interesting experience for me. I start this Thursday.

Another aspect of my life that may turn out fruitful is a new internship. There is an organization called the Responsible Purchasing Network which helps businesses go green by offering consulting services, information and networking opportunities. A large portion of their efforts goes into researching green products and they are looking for an intern to help them do just that. I had a successful phone interview with them a couple of days ago and I am going in tomorrow for an in person one. Having the opportunity to work there would be unbelievable; I would be such a perfect intern.

The last thing I want to add is a progress report of my Cradle to Consumer side project. Generally speaking, it has been going well. I now have about 10 videos, three of which have received over 100 views. I know that does not sound like much, but taking into consideration how few people I know and how specific the topic is, it is actually considerable. Furthermore, random people have been adding me on Facebook because of my project so I am happy to see that there is a small following of Cradle to Cradle products.