In writing this series of introductions, I have realized that it is difficult to attribute specific developments to specific people in my life. I assume it is because the combined influence of everyone around me has shaped me the way I am. However, there is one person who I believe is specifically responsible for a large part of my development and that person is my sister, Angeline Chen. I would like to state here that I was not born with any special gifts; any skills that I have right now have been attained through work and study. And the source of my study, the reason why I even started to truly learn was because of the direct actions of my sister when I was in high school.

I was like most high school students; I only wanted to hang out with friends and play video games. The problems of the world were completely out of mind and I think it is safe to say that I might still be indifferent if it weren't for my sister giving me books to read. Those books made me open my eyes to more issues and philosophies, and although reading those books did not specifically make me the person I am today, they are the original source. Therefore, I am forever grateful to my sister.

It should be said that she was not always like this. In fact, our relationship was largely absent before I was in high school and I attribute this to our age difference of 9 years. When she matured, she probably realized that she needed to play a more important role in my life.

She continues to be a person who I look to for advice.