Disappointed Fan

There was a Howard Zinn tribute earlier tonight at a cafe called Busboys and Poets and guest speakers included Amy Goodman and Ralph Nader. As you can imagine, I was very excited to attend this event. I brought all of my camera equipment because I wanted to record them speaking and luckily, I ended up getting a good seat with enough space to set up my tripod.

As I was recording their speeches, I kept thinking to myself how I was going to approach Nader. The entire event took about 3 hours so I had to wait until the end before I could talk to him.

He was sitting at a table with a couple of other people and I waited until he seemed free. I asked if I could ask him a couple of questions and get a picture with him. He said that he had to meet with someone else, but I could get a picture. Immediately after he agreed, other people started talking to him and I thought I was going to lose my chance, so I waited again. After waiting 5 minutes, I got the opportunity to pose with him, but before the person who had the camera could take the picture, Nader asked if it was possible to not use the flash because it hurt his eyes. So the person did not use the flash and the picture came out almost pitch black. Right after the picture was taken, more people started talking to him so I did not even have the chance to say that he was one of my idols.

This entire experience has left me extremely disappointed. Almost everything just went wrong! But I have to say that the most disappointing thing that happened was the hesitant impression that he gave me. I guess I just expected him to be more friendly.

What I take from this experience is that I need to learn how to be more aggressive. Everyone else was taking the initiative; I was being pushed around and walked all over. Another thing I take from this is that everyone, even great people, are at the end just people, like you and me.