The next person I would like to dedicate an entry to is Walter Yuan. Walter and I attended the same kindergarten and the same elementary school for about a year or two. He had to change schools because his family moved away, although I am not quite sure where. I must point out here that I do not remember most of my childhood. One of the reasons is because I have a bad memory and another is because my childhood was uneventful.

I do remember, however, that Walter used to go to my house after school on Fridays to play video games. That soon ended when the family moved away. I believe he went to junior high in Colorado and then high school in San Diego. So unlike Marlon, Walter was absent for most of my life and unfortunately, continues to be. Nevertheless, we always make time to see each other whenever I go home and because of this, I always feel as if he is near.

Another thing I would like to point out is Walter's creativity; he is the most creative of all of my friends. In my opinion, he has a natural talent in the field of art and I look forward to seeing his work every time I visit. His creativity coupled with his acute skill of working with his hands enables him to create art that even I can appreciate. I must say that I never knew Walter to be gifted in this way when we were young and so I was extremely surprised after he showed me his work for the first time.

He continues to be one of my best friends.