Since these writings are intended to supplement my autobiography, I find it relevant that I dedicate one entry to each person who has had a significant influence in my life. This entry will be dedicated to one of my best friends, Marlon.

I first met Marlon maybe at the age of 6. I do not remember clearly how we met, but supposedly he came up to me one day when I was in front of my house and offered me a sticker. His house was 1 house away from mine and he continued to live there until university.

Growing up with him was an interesting experience because we never really attended the same school; his parents thought it was best for him to attend private school. We grew up near each other, but we were also far apart at the same time. Due to this situation, all the memories I have of Marlon are outside of school.

Till this day, this seemingly contradictory close/far relationship remains. I have spent the last 7 years away from home, but everytime I return, it is like I never left. Our friendship never fades. I could be away for many years, but when I come back I would still be able to share comfortable silence with him.

Of all the people that I know, I believe him to be the most pure; his heart is incorruptible. It is difficult to explain why I think this, I can only say that this conclusion is a product of years of being his friend.

I am certain that we will remain friends until the day we die.