Guiding Philosophy

For the past few years, I have lived my life according to a philosophy which has determined my actions in regards to my quest to improve the world. Although this simple philosophy is very logical, I believe it is a common error of man to disregard it. Therefore, in order to give others a suggestion and for you to better understand me, I find it fitting to explain what this guiding principle consists of.

When it comes to deciding what one's actions should be in regards to improving the world, three things should be considered: the importance of a problem, the most effective way to solve that problem, and one's skills and passions. It is my belief that efforts to solve a problem should be proportionate to the size of that problem. This, of course, does not mean that one should only attempt to solve one problem at a time, but rather that one's focus should be allocated well.

The second thing one should consider is which means will result in the greatest good. Seeing how there are multiple ways to solve a problem, some being more effective than others, I see no logical reason why one would not abide by this principle, unless of course, it were to conflict with the third factor, which is one's skills and passions.

Not everyone can solve the same problem equally well; we all have our strengths and weaknesses. This basic fact coupled with our interests greatly limits our potential. It is safe to say that if one were poorly equipped or lacked interest in solving a certain problem, it would be best if one's efforts were focused elsewhere.

Although these three principles are simple and logical, great difficulty lies in acting on them. Specifically, it is difficult to realize what all three are and then balance the first two with the third. But such is the journey of life!