It should be stated here that I do not read fiction. I am not exactly sure how this came to be, but I assume it was because I was never really fond of reading. When I started to read in university, my mind was kept occupied with books related to political theory, all of which were non-fiction. Needless to say I became infatuated with the subject and decided to dedicate most of my academic time to furthering my understanding of it. This, it seems, has led me to the situation in which I do not consider fiction; there is simply too much non-fiction to read.

It may seem to a third person that I undervalue fiction, an observation I would completely agree with. I do not, however, believe it is pointless. In fact, my favorite quote was written by George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright. The wisdom he used to write the quote can only be manifested in all of his works and I fully admit that it is the fault of mine to not have read them.

However, I do believe that, in general, non-fiction is more for education and the other more for entertainment. When I want to develop my mental capacities, I do not look towards fiction to provide that need. I believe I am undervaluing a great deal of literature, but this is nevertheless how I feel. I await the day when I have the epiphany of realizing the worth of fiction.

Having said the above, it would seem that I do not read for the sole purpose of being entertained, which is absolutely correct. However, it is worthy of noting that I have recently discovered a book in which self-written personal stories of sex workers are presented. I have read about half of the book and I must say that I find the stories very entertaining. This has been one of the very few books that I have wanted to read simply due to enjoyment. Maybe after I acquire the habit of reading for fun can I then move onto fiction.