Finally, cradle to cradle styrofoam!


EcoCradle™ is a natural choice
EcoCradle™ packaging is literally grown, not manufactured. We use a growing organism to transform agricultural byproducts like cotton seed hulls and buck wheat hulls into a beautiful protective package. Our patented process is inspired by the efficiency of nature, and uses a filamentous fungi (mushroom roots) to bond this packaging into almost any shape.

EcoCradle™ protects your product and your planet
EcoCradle™ packaging provides the same cushioning, strength and protection as petrochemical based materials such as Styrofoam. But unlike Styrofoam, EcoCradle™ won’t persist in a landfill, or as litter, for an eternity. When you’re done with EcoCradle™, it can be tossed into your garden or compost pile, and EcoCradle™ is anaerobically compostable, so it won't persist in landfills.

Using EcoCradle™ in your garden
Using EcoCradle™ in your garden is a great way to add nutrients to your soil! Simply break EcoCradle™ into smaller pieces, toss it in your soil and water. Using EcoCradle™ as a mulch helps your garden retain moisture.

Composting EcoCradle™
Composting EcoCradle™ is a breeze! Just toss it into your composter or compost pile and wait. To move the process along faster, break EcoCradle™ into smaller pieces.

Throwing EcoCradle™ away
Throwing EcoCradle™ away is an environmentally friendly choice because unlike petroleum based products, EcoCradle™ will decompose in landfill conditions within a short period of time. 

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