Cradle to Consumer

Ever since I started doing research into Cradle to Cradle, I wanted to contribute to the movement somehow. I traveled many miles to meet some of the key players in hopes that one of them would provide me with an opportunity. I posted on many forums to ask other C2C enthusiasts if they had any suggestions for me. Unfortunately, neither of the above provided me with that chance.

After my journey to the Netherlands, I gave up hope that I could somehow further the development of C2C without being an entrepreneur. My mind for the past couple of months has been occupied with environmental policy and everyday worries; therefore, my C2C passion has been sitting idle in the background. This was true until a few days ago when I came up with an idea to make a series of videos in which I introduce C2C products. It was like an epiphany, it came out of nowhere and was quickly accompanied by euphoria. Three days later, I already had three videos uploaded onto the internet.

Although, I do not know how successful these videos will become, I nevertheless feel as if I can now make a difference with C2C. I believe my videos have a lot of potential due to their practicality. Furthermore, my situation here in DC actually provides me with a good advertising opportunity because many like-minded people work in the environmental movement.

I now have a more positive outlook on my life and I am looking forward to see how I and my videos will develop. The title of the video series is Cradle to Consumer.