Noam Chomsky

Since I have not dedicated a composition solely to express my respect for Noam Chomsky, my writings have been incomplete, and since today is his 81st birthday, I believe now would be a good time to write one.

I do not remember specifically when I was first introduced to Chomsky, but I assume it was during my high school years. I believe it was my sister who recommended one of his books to me, Manufacturing Consent if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, during that time, I was not too interested in learning and so I did not read the book.

I was re-introduced to Chomsky during my 2nd year of university by my politics professor, Michael Urban. It was then that I decided to start researching about him and reading his material. Soon after watching interviews of him on the internet, I became completely fascinated about his philosophies on politics and society. His logic and sense of morality enlightened me to the extent where I dedicate much of my mental development to him.

I thank Noam Chomsky for all that he as done and I hope in the future that I will have the opportunity to meet him.