Global Warming Conspiracy

Waiting in line for the senate hearing today, I overheard a conversation between two men about global warming. One was trying to convince the other that global warming was a hoax, meaning either that global warming was not anthropogenic or that there was no warming in general. Although, I personally support the expression of different ideas, I believe the global warming conspiracy is only distracting us from what we need to get done.

In order to catalyze imperative action, I would like to draw the conclusion that our efforts to mitigate climate change should not be altered even if global warming were a hoax. I shall explain how I reached this conclusion by drawing out the logic between universally accepted statements.

Before I can explain the logic, I need to make clear that there seems to be two aspects in regards to what actions the United States should take: one is transitioning to renewable energy and the other is giving reparations to developing countries that are suffering from climate change.

Regarding the first aspect, we all agree that burning fossil fuels is dirty; there is no debate that coal plants release other substances such as mercury and arsenic. No one wants these substances in their bodies, therefore, everyone should agree that the United States should transition to renewable energy. Furthermore, fossil fuels are limited so we have to transition to renewables sooner or later.

The second aspect should also not be affected. Even if we were not responsible for climate change, there is no doubt that developing countries are suffering from it. Do we not have the responsibility to help others in need? If I see someone drowning, shouldn't I help save this person even though I wasn't responsible for this person being in that situation? I think any reasonable person would agree that I should help. The same moral and logic applies for assisting developing countries adapt to climate change.

Therefore, in conclusion, whether you believe in global warming or not, you should be in favor of renewable energy and helping developing countries.