DC and Copenhagen

My current life in DC can only be described as unstable; I still have not found permanent accommodations nor another part-time job. And even though my life has been generally unstable for the past few years, it has never been so unsure as it is now. Hence, my mind is currently occupied with these everyday worries.

However cluttered my thoughts are and however frustrated I am about my life, my problems are insignificant in comparison to the global issues currently being addressed in Copenhagen. Maldives, a country threatened to be submerged under water, sent a 15 year old boy as its climate ambassador to remind all of us that climate change is a problem in the immediate future. This 15 year old ambassador represents both his country as well as our future generations who need our help. It depresses me to understand that the people who are suffering the most from climate change are the ones who contributed the least to it.

The developed world owes a debt to third world countries which it should pay back by reducing its pollution and by helping those suffering adapt to climate change. I can see no moral or logical argument against this conclusion.