Visualizing Logic

I have recently realized my tendency to visualize my logic. It is a bit difficult to explain what I visualize because it appears differently every time. Sometimes my logic appears to me as blobs and sometimes it appears to me as common objects that I can find in my vicinity.

These visualizations are also interactive. I imagine myself moving the blobs around in a way that parallels my logic and I tend to use my hands to express these movements. From a third person perspective, I might seem like quite an odd individual when speaking.

Someone pointed out to me a few years ago that I express myself, to a large extent, with my hands. I never noticed it before and I think it might be a result of my visualization of logic. I do not know what to conclude from this realization however. I am not certain if this tool for logical thinking is positive, negative or just different.

In conclusion, I feel I should improve my visualizations somehow, maybe with some interactive computer software on a touch screen. I am actually quite curious to see the usefulness of such a program. It wouldn't have to be too complex; all I would need to do is to be able to make blobs, label them and move them around. I imagine this program would work best on a touch screen so that it could emulate my imagination as accurately as possible.