Almost all tests that I have seen and taken seem to want to challenge my robotic abilities. Tests don't want me to be human, they don't want me to explore my creativity or anything of the such, rather they encourage me to memorize, to be programmed. And I for one refuse to be a robot and reject this absurd custom that we have to separate the able from the dis-able. Surely, I cannot be the only one who has realized this. Where are my fellow humans? Where is the protest? Where is the anger?

Admittedly, tests play a crucial role in our society and if one wanted to succeed, one would most likely have to go through some sort of test. I understand this and although I don't have a specific alternative, I have a general suggestion for those who can rewrite the tests. Test what makes us human!!! Test our excellence!!! It is demeaning to me, as a human, to be tested on how well I can emulate a robot.

I do not suggest that everyone should refuse to take tests, but I do encourage everyone to share my mentality.