Environmental and Energy Study Institute

High Performance Green Buildings Policy Internship

EESI’s High Performance Green Buildings Initiative works to raise awareness among policymakers and other stakeholders that the U.S. building sector offers huge potential for saving energy and mitigating climate change, as well as stimulating the economy, reducing pollution and waste, and improving health. Buildings account for more than 40 percent of total U.S. energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, but we could reduce that impact significantly if public policies made energy efficiency and renewable energy a priority in building design, construction, operation, and renovation.

Intern Responsibilities

* Monitor Internet sites and postings and publications as provided to identify legislation introduced, regulations proposed, and news relating to green buildings, building codes, appliance standards, energy technologies, smart growth, and other issues as necessary
* Research and compile information for EESI projects and publications related to green buildings, energy, etc.
* Quantitative policy research and analysis, including budget, appropriations and current and upcoming legislation
* Research and draft program and legislative reports (fact sheets, white papers)
* Identify, monitor and report on relevant science, technology and policy issues
* Attend and take detailed notes on Congressional hearings, briefings, meetings, or programs around the DC area that will provide EESI with valuable and relevant information
* Assist with the outreach for and execution of EESI Congressional briefings and events
* Maintain and update webpages; write news items for website
* Update database information as needed
* Project-related administrative tasks

They have asked for an interview and I scheduled it for next week. I hope it goes well because if it does, then I am off to DC! However, ideally I would still rather have the internship in Ecologic, but they still have not responded. I will contact them again next week.