EESI Cover Letter

Thank you for taking the time to read my application. You may have noticed by now from my resume that I have almost no experience in protecting the environment. The reason for this is because my decision to go into the field was a recent one. However, I do not want to mislead you; I am very passionate about protecting the environment.

My main interest is Cradle to Cradle. Just in case you are not familiar with it, I will explain it briefly. Cradle to Cradle is a design philosophy in which there is no waste. Products that are C2C certified can only consist of two components, something that is called a technical nutrient and something that is called a biological nutrient. A technical nutrient is a component that can be reused over and over again. A biological nutrient is a component that can safely biodegrade into the environment. Thus, in this way, C2C products have no waste.

This design philosophy does not only deal with production but also buildings and city planning. Moreover, governments are implementing this philosophy e.g. the Netherlands and California. I am very interested in how companies and especially governments are turning C2C into a reality. I plan to get a Master degree in environmental policy and as a career, I would like to focus my efforts on implementing C2C throughout the world.

In order to do this, I need skills, skills that I currently do not possess. Specifically, I need to gain research skills and knowledge about environmental policy. I do research in my free time, but I am still an amateur in comparison to what I imagine myself to be in the future. I believe EESI can provide me with the skills necessary to achieve my goals. I hope that you will give me an opportunity to prove myself in the field of environmental policy.

As I stated earlier, I do not have much experience in this field and therefore, it has been difficult for me to get my foot in the door. Despite my lack of experience, I believe I can still contribute greatly to the organization through the forms of passion, determination and intelligence.

I want to point out that in my last occupation, I went beyond my official responsibilities and organized a paper recycling system. And even though it does not sound like much, I want to stress it because I want you to understand that I am very passionate about protecting the environment.

I hope that I will be able to show you my passion in person as an intern. Thank you.