EESI Cover Letter

Thank you for taking the time to read my application. You may have noticed by now from my resume that I have almost no experience in protecting the environment. The reason for this is because my decision to go into the field was a recent one. However, I do not want to mislead you; I am very passionate about protecting the environment.

My main interest is Cradle to Cradle. Just in case you are not familiar with it, I will explain it briefly. Cradle to Cradle is a design philosophy in which there is no waste. Products that are C2C certified can only consist of two components, something that is called a technical nutrient and something that is called a biological nutrient. A technical nutrient is a component that can be reused over and over again. A biological nutrient is a component that can safely biodegrade into the environment. Thus, in this way, C2C products have no waste.

This design philosophy does not only deal with production but also buildings and city planning. Moreover, governments are implementing this philosophy e.g. the Netherlands and California. I am very interested in how companies and especially governments are turning C2C into a reality. I plan to get a Master degree in environmental policy and as a career, I would like to focus my efforts on implementing C2C throughout the world.

In order to do this, I need skills, skills that I currently do not possess. Specifically, I need to gain research skills and knowledge about environmental policy. I do research in my free time, but I am still an amateur in comparison to what I imagine myself to be in the future. I believe EESI can provide me with the skills necessary to achieve my goals. I hope that you will give me an opportunity to prove myself in the field of environmental policy.

As I stated earlier, I do not have much experience in this field and therefore, it has been difficult for me to get my foot in the door. Despite my lack of experience, I believe I can still contribute greatly to the organization through the forms of passion, determination and intelligence.

I want to point out that in my last occupation, I went beyond my official responsibilities and organized a paper recycling system. And even though it does not sound like much, I want to stress it because I want you to understand that I am very passionate about protecting the environment.

I hope that I will be able to show you my passion in person as an intern. Thank you.

Environmental and Energy Study Institute

High Performance Green Buildings Policy Internship

EESI’s High Performance Green Buildings Initiative works to raise awareness among policymakers and other stakeholders that the U.S. building sector offers huge potential for saving energy and mitigating climate change, as well as stimulating the economy, reducing pollution and waste, and improving health. Buildings account for more than 40 percent of total U.S. energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, but we could reduce that impact significantly if public policies made energy efficiency and renewable energy a priority in building design, construction, operation, and renovation.

Intern Responsibilities

* Monitor Internet sites and postings and publications as provided to identify legislation introduced, regulations proposed, and news relating to green buildings, building codes, appliance standards, energy technologies, smart growth, and other issues as necessary
* Research and compile information for EESI projects and publications related to green buildings, energy, etc.
* Quantitative policy research and analysis, including budget, appropriations and current and upcoming legislation
* Research and draft program and legislative reports (fact sheets, white papers)
* Identify, monitor and report on relevant science, technology and policy issues
* Attend and take detailed notes on Congressional hearings, briefings, meetings, or programs around the DC area that will provide EESI with valuable and relevant information
* Assist with the outreach for and execution of EESI Congressional briefings and events
* Maintain and update webpages; write news items for website
* Update database information as needed
* Project-related administrative tasks

They have asked for an interview and I scheduled it for next week. I hope it goes well because if it does, then I am off to DC! However, ideally I would still rather have the internship in Ecologic, but they still have not responded. I will contact them again next week.

Civil Responsibility of Citizens

This composition will be different than others because I have not previously thought about this topic before writing my opinion. I have not written in this style before for fear of sounding redundant and confusing; therefore, I will try my hardest to organize my ideas as clearly as possible. I will write down my mental process as it happens and if I am successful, you, the reader, will better understand how I think.

What are the civil responsibilities of citizens? The first thing I want to do is to define responsibility as a moral or legal task that one has for the well-being of others. I want to, however, specifically focus on the moral tasks citizens have to their country.

I want to consider voting. I define voting as expressing one's opinion in response to a poll. I believe most people would agree that voting is a civil responsibility that citizens have. Even though I probably do not have to convince you of this belief, I still want to examine it a bit further.

Is voting a civil duty of citizens?

Before I go into this question, I want to make clear that I believe people have the responsibility to help others, but are not responsible to help others in every way they can. That being said, it would be insufficient to show how voting helps others, if my goal is to figure out whether or not citizens have the responsibility to vote. Another factor would have to be considered for this composition and that would be the negative effects of not voting. In other words, if I want to conclude that citizens have the responsibility to vote, I would have to prove that voting promotes the well-being of others and prevents disaster.

I can think of two possibilities of what would happen if nobody voted, either decisions that are voted on do not get made or someone becomes the decision maker; I feel that if the former case were to arise, it would eventually result in the latter. Thus, to prevent decision makers from having unchecked power, citizens must vote. This raises another question. Would leaders have unchecked power if citizens did not vote? I believe that is most likely. Even though there could be a check and balance system within the political system and there could be other ways for citizens to express their opinions, if citizens are unable to directly influence their leaders (in this case, being able to elect them), they will more likely do what is not best for the citizenry. Moreover, lack of voting would render a check and balance system pointless because there would be nothing stopping the elites of separate branches from working together to exploit the many. Therefore, I conclude that voting would promote the well-being of others by preventing catastrophe. This point is, of course, debatable, but according to my beliefs, unchecked power will inevitably lead to disaster, a topic I leave for another day.

Ecologic Transatlantic Internship

Students and recent university graduates from the US and Canada are invited to apply for a position as a Transatlantic Intern at Ecologic. Each year, Ecologic brings young people interested in environmental policy to its headquarters in Berlin to participate in its international environmental research and consulting program. Interns are integrated into Ecologic’s policy research and office routines, providing them real-world experience in an academic environment. The intern’s work program will depend on his or her interests, skills, and experience, as well as on current projects at Ecologic. Interns also have the opportunity to participate in events and conferences hosted by various organizations in Berlin's transatlantic community, enabling them to gain a broader understanding of important policy issues.

Applicants should generally have at least a bachelor's degree. Students may wish to pursue an Ecologic internship as part of their graduate degree program (in public policy, international relations, environmental studies, law or other relevant disciplines), or they may do so prior to commencing graduate studies. Starting and ending dates are flexible; generally, internships last for six to twelve months. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, preferably four to six months in advance of the desired start date. German language skills are an asset but not required. Interns wishing to improve their German language skills are encouraged to take time from their 32-hour per week schedule at Ecologic to pursue language classes.

I applied to this internship about 1 1/2 months ago and I still haven't heard anything from them. I feel like my life is on hold until I know their answer. This is unfortunate because I'm already in Berlin; I'm in the city where I want to live. I love Berlin, but I can't enjoy it because I'm so nervous.


Almost all tests that I have seen and taken seem to want to challenge my robotic abilities. Tests don't want me to be human, they don't want me to explore my creativity or anything of the such, rather they encourage me to memorize, to be programmed. And I for one refuse to be a robot and reject this absurd custom that we have to separate the able from the dis-able. Surely, I cannot be the only one who has realized this. Where are my fellow humans? Where is the protest? Where is the anger?

Admittedly, tests play a crucial role in our society and if one wanted to succeed, one would most likely have to go through some sort of test. I understand this and although I don't have a specific alternative, I have a general suggestion for those who can rewrite the tests. Test what makes us human!!! Test our excellence!!! It is demeaning to me, as a human, to be tested on how well I can emulate a robot.

I do not suggest that everyone should refuse to take tests, but I do encourage everyone to share my mentality.