3 Options

I have 3 options now. Because the university rejected me, I can either work in China, teach English in Germany or go home.

First option
I meet with a German woman every week to do a language exchange and her husband works for a wind turbine company. If I could, I would like to work for him and if I can't, I'll go to Germany. He's also going to help me apply for this other job at this other organization. I forgot the name of it to tell you the truth, but it has something to do with development. I'm hoping that one of them will hire me because I would love the experience; it would help me both in getting into an university and finding a job.

Second option
If both of them say no, then I'm going to fly to Germany and immediately start applying for English teaching positions. I have found a few English training institutions in Berlin already so I hope I can find an opportunity there. What makes me nervous is that there are only a few German universities that offer the major that I want. Most Master programs there that have to do with the environment require a similar Bachelors degree and therefore, leaves me at a huge disadvantage. I don't have a technical background which leads me to think that I have to combine the two fields, meaning environmental policy. But because there aren't many schools that offer that major, I would only be able to apply to a couple. What happens when they reject me? I have found some schools in England that offer this program so I might consider going there in the future.

Third option
My last option is to go home which I really don't want to do for one main reason - I don't think I can find a good job there. I think the 2 most likely jobs that I would end up doing is working in a restaurant or being an assistant in a law office, both of which I hate. However, I would be able to see my family and friends, so it's not entirely negative.