I have realized something very interesting about science fiction; I have realized that it helps us objectively analyze different human problems by taking us out of our biased positions. And it does this, I believe, by presenting problems that we experience in its fictional stories in fictional worlds. We become the 3rd party. We obtain a more objective analysis of the situation. Therefore, I believe sci-fi can be a training tool for us to have the objectivity of a 3rd party even in situations that we are heavily involved in.

Moreover, sci-fi helps us have foresight through its presentation of worlds in different stages of development. If someone were to watch a sci-fi episode about an advanced alien race about to destroy itself because of damage to the surrounding environment, then maybe that someone will have the thought of protecting the environment sitting around in his head. Therefore, in this case, sci-fi also allows us to see things from a different perspective.

I have always thought that people should have objective opinions, that they should look at their problems from a 3rd person's perspective, maybe even from an alien's perspective. It is something that I believe is necessary to truly solve problems.

I am proud to say now that I am a sci-fi fan.