This is a graphic I made today by using the official TED graphic as a base.

TED talks is a series of presentations given by people in the fields of technology, entertainment and design. They present to us, I believe, a more accurate picture of the true form of intelligence by showing its diversity. There was one talk given by Sir Ken Robinson about education and in this talk he mentioned how intelligence is diverse, but the public education system only wants certain forms of intelligence. “It has mined our minds, in the way we strip mine the earth for a particular commodity” as he put it. By doing this, the system prevents the development of the potential of the human mind.

I believe I'm a victim of this educational structure.

I feel as if my intelligence is extremely narrow.

What TED presents to us is the diversity of the human mind. It reminds us how intelligence, creativity and play are all interlinked. But most importantly, it reminds us what we are capable of.

It gives me hope that I can one day reclaim and mold my potential into anything I want.