le Elite

Recently, I've been putting more effort into my classes because I found out that the more effort I put into them, the more enjoyable they are. And it makes sense, the powerpoints that the school provides are often boring. Adding my own spice to the class makes it more interesting for all parties.

This step is part of a process that I'm undergoing to make my job more meaningful. For example, much of the extra content that I add to the class has to do with protecting the environment. Other content touch upon creativity, education, activism and sometimes a little philosophy.

I also proposed that we start recycling paper in the last teacher's meeting. Luckily, I didn't encounter any opposition (nor should I have) and so now, we have a recycling box in the teacher's room. I'm going to propose other ideas that I think will make the school more green, and hopefully, I will be convincing.

I think it's productive for me to start thinking about how to make my workplace green. Helping companies go green is a very possible candidate for a future career. Fortunately, the major I want to study is exactly right up that alley.

Here is a logo I made for the school. They had to name it “le Elite” because “Elite” was already a registered name. I had a lot of trouble trying to make the “le” fit in and I'm still not happy about it. And yes, the green is symbolic.