Chosen Path

I have chosen my path and I am considerably satisfied with it. I depart from Los Angeles on Dec. 23rd and arrive in Beijing on the 24th. Starting Jan. 5th I will take part in a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) course which lasts 1 month and upon its completion, receive a TEFL certificate. I will have class everyday from 9 am to 4 pm and at night, I plan to teach English, hopefully both privately and in a classroom.

After I receive my certificate, I plan to mainly tutor privately during the day and teach a class at night. I have not yet decided whether I will attain official employment at an English training institution. To my surprise, I do not have to be officially employed to remain in China, I also have the option of paying a fee to extend my current visa; the latter is the more profitable option.

I am currently not certain how long I will remain in Beijing. I am thinking about staying for 8 months because I want to fly to Germany for a Master's program there which starts every Winter. However, if I am unable to make enough money to pay for my studies, I am willing to stay in Beijing an extra year. Whether or not I will extend my stay will be determined around March, which is the application deadline for the Master's program.