Art and Creativity

Recently, I have been exposing and developing my mental capacities to and in the field of the arts. Unfortunately, I have not previously attained training or upbringing in anything related to it and thus, all attempts to create art have hitherto been unsuccessful. This, nevertheless, has neither impeded my endeavors nor interfered with my determination. I must say that this new passion of mine is anything but typical for me, given my earlier opinion on art. It was certainly least bit expected that I would become such an advocate.

A deeper inspection into the field of art reveals that it is quite odd that my personal life philosophy has not brought my attention to it earlier. I am a friend of dissent; I am a friend of those who differ with the status quo, of those who think outside of the box and of those who are creative. I personally attempt to think independently, to think outside of the box and therefore, it seems very odd that I am unable to explain why my thoughts did not already expand into the arts. The only reasonable explanation is that I did not realize the significance of it, its essence.

I am reminded of a German artist who once said that creativity is the fight against normality. Is that not the core of my life philosophy? Is that not what I fight for? I sincerely envy those who have been able to successfully fight against normality. They have kept and developed their innate creativity and have molded it to the specifications of their individuality. They, in a sense, have been more successful in the struggle against conformity than I have. I only wish that their creativity were contagious and I were infected.