New Leaders for New Schools

Forward progression and true transformation of public education is the next civil rights movement. New Leaders for New Schools is at the forefront of this movement, breaking new ground with dramatic improvements in urban school performance. We elevate urban student achievement beyond ordinary to extraordinary. Stellar academic success achieved by New Leaders principals in some of America’s major urban centers is clear evidence that children from all communities can achieve at the highest levels.

Our leaders are influential agents of change who impact not only students and schools but entire communities, producing high school graduates well prepared for college, careers, and beyond. It is our mission to ensure high academic achievement for every student by attracting and preparing outstanding leaders and supporting the performance of the urban public schools they lead at scale.

I had an interview with them last Thursday and I think it went pretty well (the guy said he would forward my resume to the hiring manager). They asked me the typical questions and luckily, they're mainly focused on principle. I have a lot of confidence in my interview abilities because I think it's very easy for me to talk about the principles I believe in and my public speaking skills allows me to express my ideas very clearly. I wish I had the chance to get an interview with every job that I applied to, but I know it's impossible. My resume really doesn't make me look that great, but I think if I had a chance to talk with them, they would realize that my resume doesn't do me justice.

I hate being reduced to that one sheet of paper. You can't see that I have passion on my resume, you can't see that I'm bright. Instead, all you see is my education and my work experience. I AM MORE THAN THAT!!! And even though I don't have a better alternative, it still frustrates me to get rejected from jobs I know that I can do.