I decided to drink for the first time yesterday. I came to this decision because I believe I was adhering to my promise blindly (or maybe being blind is the only way to adhere to some promises), and with my curiosity and current life philosophy of thinking independently, I had to break it. The reason why I adhered to my promise so strictly before was because I wanted to train my discipline; I didn't want to make any exceptions because I thought I would be able some how to justify my breaking of the promise and thus, I wanted to safeguard against it. Obviously I was right, I did end up justifying my action, but I do not regret it. Even though I wanted to train my discipline, I do not think I lost any by breaking my promise.

Unfortunately, the experience was horrible. I was with Ken, Walter and his girlfriend and we were drinking at my house. After drinking two beers, I felt like I had a fever; I was a bit dizzy and a bit nauseated. I went to bed early because I was afraid it was going to get worse (too bad I had to wake up in the middle of the night to pee) and now I feel alright. I think it's unlikely that I will drink again.