Revolutionary Nonviolence Coach

Job Description:
Revolutionary Position Coaching Public School Students in Nonviolence to Confront Racism, Sexism, Meaninglessness and Meanness

The Institute for Community Leadership seeks courageous individuals to work directly with students, teachers, administrators and parents in public schools in the states of Washington, Oregon and California. Applicants must be willing to change. They must be willing to study, write and work in a group setting to practice the art and science of nonviolence; to practice the development of self-control; to practice a constant renewal of the mind; and to practice a commitment to seek truth. 

Position requires working days and evenings, traveling between the above mentioned states and developing the conduct and character of an organizer dedicated to the interests of the majority of our people and to the principles of peace, community and strengthening democracy. 

This job sounds almost perfect for me; the only thing that could make it better is if it were in Germany. Needless to say, I applied to this job as well as to 20 other jobs, but this one seems to fit me the best. However, there is one main problem, they need someone with a car because the job requires the coach to drive between the states of Washington, Oregon and California. I don't plan on getting a car so I just hope that the organization and I can figure out a way around this problem.

I believe that most of the problems in this world, if not all, stem from mentality and therefore, the solution to these problems would be to change the mentality of man. However impossible that sounds is irrelevant, it is the logical conclusion. I actually have reason to believe that changing mentality is not as difficult as it seems. Leaving that aside, I believe a way I can help change mentality is to become some sort of teacher. And I know I said before that it did not matter that much what I did professionally if I could connect with people outside of work, but ultimately, it would be ideal if I could combine the two.