It's been great being home. I've already conversed deeply and intellectually with a few of my friends and it's especially awesome because I haven't spoken with them for a long time. I mean I've spoken with them online, but it's more difficult to connect with people through the internet. I think part of this great feeling is the realization of development in your friends and in yourself. Philosophies change and it's exciting to discuss and notice how they have progressed.

I'm not sure how long I will be home for; it would depend on when I find a job or an internship, but I think I'll be here for at least the summer. I've been looking for many internships and jobs in many different fields. I'm becoming less picky by the day. I have to say that finding a job/internship was much harder than I anticipated. I thought my language abilities would give me an advantage over other people, but actually they're not very useful. I would have to find a very specific position to be able to take advantage of my languages.