This weekend was pretty eventful. On Saturday, Ken and I took the green line from Norwalk all the way to Redondo Beach. From there we rode to Manhattan Beach and then all the way to Santa Monica. There was an all night light art festival on the pier called Glow. We stayed only till 1:30am because we had to ride to downtown LA to sleep over at Marlon's house. On Sunday, we went to a block party that was organized by cyclists and pretty much stayed there the entire day.

The ride from Manhattan Beach to Santa Monica was probably the most fun because we rode along the shore. The Glow event itself was a bit disappointing because they didn't have enough exhibits, but it was still worth it. I normally don't go to art exhibits, but being down here in Cerritos is extremely boring because it's so uneventful. So, I have realized that going to art exhibits, or doing something that I don't normally do, is actually quite refreshing once in awhile. The block party was a bit boring for me because it's hard for me to be social, but I guess I'm used to it because it didn't bother me that much. I don't know if I ever will be social, but I'm pretty certain that I won't ever care...I think.