Recognition and Acceptance

I have a responsibility to help people in need; I have a responsibility to this world. I believe everyone  has this responsibility, but most just refuse to recognize and/or accept it. So why do I recognize and accept it? I believe my recognition and acceptance of my responsibility was a direct result of my enlightenment and my belief in love. My enlightenment refers to my mental development during high school and university, but in this case, I am specifically referring to the realization of the effects on the world that America has. My belief in love refers to an ideology which depicts a small portion of how I imagine an advanced society would be.

I hear the US consumes almost a quarter of the world's resources, but only consists of 3% of the world's population. I believe we can all agree that there is something terribly wrong with this picture. This is not only a problem that needs to be addressed, but also a perfect example of how America affects the rest of the world and so, being an American, I have a direct responsibility to the rest of the world. I have also heard that America used to emit the largest amount of CO2 and has only recently been surpassed by China. From this alone, I can conclude that every American has the specific responsibility to reduce CO2 emissions.

My belief in love is the very basic idea that everyone on this planet is one big family; we are all brothers and sisters and therefore, should help one another. Currently, the large majority of people disregard this notion; they care more about the people in their own country which, I believe, is an undeveloped way of thinking. Why should love and compassion stop at the border? If we act accordingly to this philosophy, then everyone would have the responsibility to help other people, regardless of country. This is how I imagine an advanced society would act and thus, being a person striving for a better society, I have recognized and accepted this responsibility.