Shanghai Visit

I've been in Shanghai for a few days now and it's been great hanging out with Joseph. I usually don't get to hang out with him because we're always at different places so I'm definitely appreciating this opportunity. Sometimes I forget how difficult it is to have a person who you can really talk to, especially if the topic is philosophy. I love the fact that we can chat about it; I finally get to fully share all my deep thoughts with him. Besides talking about philosophy, we also bring up funny stories from our past which is always hilarious. It reminds me of why we are close friends and it gives me a sense of home.

We went to a nearby label factory that makes all types of tags for clothing. We had a personal tour guide who showed us the thousands of labels they make as well as the different assembly lines. It was my first time being in a factory and I have to say that I came out of there pretty depressed. Going through the different rooms of the factory, I rarely saw the workers interact; most of them just sat there and did their task (pretty diligent I guess). It was like I was observing robots. Seeing people with passion and life makes me very happy, so when I see the opposite, I'm very disappointed. Maybe those workers do have passion and life, I'm not saying that they don't and I'm not blaming them, all I'm saying is that I saw robots and it made me depressed.