Today at the study bar I asked a few students to give me objective reasons why pornography is bad and within 5 minutes, two out of the three left the table. My role at the study bar is to teach English, therefore I feel that my responsibilities surpass teaching grammar and vocabulary, I believe it is necessary to converse with the students, to connect with them. Language is more experience than knowledge. My students have to use their English if they want to improve it.

Moreover, I believe that the content of our conversations should be important. I don't want to talk about the weather, I don't want to talk about food; I want to talk about life and death, I want to talk about what makes us human, I want to talk about passion. But maybe I am at fault and should not talk about such things; maybe I should just teach them the language and fulfill my duties as a language teacher. But what of my responsibilities as a human being? What of my role in this social network we call society?

Is it bad that I want to fulfill both my obligations as a language teacher and a human being by conversing about important matters? I hope not.