I just came back from the premiere of my video “Ethnicity and Identity” and I have to say it was pretty successful. I reserved a room at the study bar and it was pretty much packed (about 20 people). I invited the people who I interviewed as well as my friends and they all seemed to have liked it. I had so much energy the whole day, but I couldn't do anything except think about the event; I had all the things I needed to do running through my head.

I still can't believe that I actually finished it; it feels like I really accomplished something. What's interesting is that when I look at my Bachelor's degree, I feel nothing even though I spent 4 years working towards it, but when I watch my video which took 3 months to complete, I have this inspirational feeling. I have no plans on becoming a documentary film maker, but I can't control my interest in making another video. I'm thinking if I make another one, it would be on Neo-Nazis.