Moment of Silence

Yesterday in class we had a moment of silence for the victims of the Sichuan earthquake; we all stood up silently for 3 minutes. And as the cars were honking and as I was standing there, I realized something. We are human. Normally, when I live my life and see people walking on the street, I see bodies going back and forth. Everyone is going about their day and making money, and that's it; everyone is just doing their own thing. I don't feel the human in people, more specifically, I don't feel the compassion in people, the love in people. I mean, I do see people laughing and getting angry, but I want to see more than that.

Every time I walk by a homeless person, I get a little nervous because I know I'm not going to give them money. I know that I'm going to look straight ahead and just numbly walk by and I know most people do the same thing. So where's the compassion in us? Where's the love? I have realized that the moments when I see the most sympathy is during times of crises. Just like the example with the moment of silence. Sadly, it seems that we need disasters to invoke these feelings out of us. However, what is good about this is that it shows we are still human. It reminds us, or at least it reminds me, that we as people still have love and compassion.