Mental Hospital

I went to a mental hospital today. One of my friends studies social work and this was part of her course, so I just tagged along. I have to say it didn't turn out to be how I expected it; it wasn't nearly as crazy as I thought. I was imagining a big room filled with people doing the strangest things. For example, maybe a catatonic person who was in a weird position, another person yelling at nothing and maybe even someone with delusions of grandeur giving a speech as if he were Mao Zedong. But there weren't any, it wasn't like that at all. Most of them just stood around like they were normal people. In fact, just by their appearance alone, I couldn't tell that they had mental disorders. So I guess I can say that I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting a scene out of a movie. Oh how ignorant I was!

We had the chance to speak with a few of the patients; one of them was excessively happy and the other two were delusional. The excessively happy patient was a 5'10 14 year old boy who was very pleasant to talk to. The delusional patients, on the other hand, were very depressing to be around with - just listening to them speak was extremely tiring because they spoke with very little logic. I can't even imagine how tired the doctors must be being around these people everyday. I applaud them for their strength and discipline!